• Teachers upload exams to EMarking

    • No exams in email inboxes

    • Admin staff or teachers can download exams securely using SMS security codes

    • Copy center staff can print directly to a network printer

  • EMarking personalizes exams for easy scan & upload

  • Build a database of evaluations (support students and accreditation processes)

  • QR codes allows 99% accuracy, even with rotated or flipped pages

  • Orphan pages interface for identifying and fixing that 1%

  • Manually marked exams can be uploaded for distribution and learning evidence archival

  • Anonymous marking (personalized header is removed) for fairer grading

  • More and better feedback

    • Graphical feedback marks (correct, error, question mark, free drawings) with statistics

    • Judgment marks linked to a rubric criterion

    • Markers' comments (linked to a rubric criterion or free)

    • Comments can be reused and are shared among markers

    • Custom markers with statistics

    • Colored marks with a different color per rubric criterion

  • Facilitates marking process

    • Filter pending criteria on each exam

    • Students can request a regrade on the same interface

    • Jump to next pending marking task from the interface

  • Publish grades when marking is finished

  • Set an exam as answer key

  • Reports on student achievement per rubric criterion and competencies

  • Allow students to see each others' exams anonymously

  • Students can request regrades which can be replied in EMarking

  • Use two slopes to assign grades


  • A set of exams can be marked by more than one marker so inter-rater agreement is calculated while marking

  • A markers training mode allows marking until everyone reaches a consensus

  • Three chat interfaces support collaboration

    • Chat: For free messages​

    • Board: For messages from the supervisors

    • SOS: To ask for help on a specific exam​

  • Marking reports

  • Justice perception reports

  • Grade reports

  • Allow students to peer assess their exams anonymously

  • Easy import of answers and rubric from another EMarking activity

  • Integrated with Moodle

  • GPLv3 license

  • Available in Github

  • Developed with PHP, MySQL and Google Web Toolkit (GWT)


Jorge Villalon is a professor at Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile

© 2016 by Jorge Villalon

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