• Publish grades when marking is finished

  • Set an exam as answer key to make it available anonymously to students

  • Reports on student achievement per rubric criterion and competencies

  • Allow students to see each others' exams anonymously

  • Students can request regrades which can be replied in EMarking

  • Use two slopes to assign grades

  • Ask for students' opinions on the fairness of the marking process, per exam or per criterion

  • Export grades to Excel

  • Absent students can be indicated so they are not included in statistics and analysis

  • Granular permissions allow roles for grading (e.g. teacher assistants), supervising (e.g. teachers and unit coordinators) and regrading (e.g. teachers)

  • Information cane be kept in Moodle even after unenrollment (optional)


Jorge Villalon is a professor at Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile

© 2016 by Jorge Villalon

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Students can request regrades